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Case History

Plaintiff, a Nebraska resident, was legally stopped along an interstate Highway within Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and was in the process of changing a flat tire. While standing behind his car, a drunk driver drove into the rear of his car. The crash resulted in a traumatic amputation of the leg below the knee. Suit was initiated in the United States District Court against the drunk driver and Plaintiff's own insurer who has issued an umbrella policy shortly before the event. After extensive discovery and pre-trial work a settlement was obtained in the amount of $1,300,000.00.


Plaintiff, who was pregnant at the time of the accident, was on her way to work traveling westbound. An eastbound vehicle driven by a student on her way to school tuned across and into the path of the Plaintiff. As a result of the collision, Plaintiff sustained personal injuries and the loss of her unborn child. Plaintiff recovered policy limits of $100,000.00 from the tortfeasor's insurer and $100,000.00 from her own automobile insurer under the UIM coverage for her personal injury. In addition, Plaintiff and her spouse recovered policy limits of $100,000.00 form the tortfeasor's carrier and $100,000.00 from their own liability insurer under the UIM provisions of the policy for the wrongful death of the unborn child. 


Female Plaintiff regularly worked as a cook in an Omaha hotel and spent the summers cooking for the United States Forest Service on their fire lines. She had poor dental hygiene and no dental insurance. While brushing she notices a white spot on her cheek and gum which she brought to the attention of her treating dentist. The treating dentist dismissed the spot and related it to her poor dental oral health although he did repeatedly prescribe ever increasing dosages of antibiotics. When Plaintiff could no longer afford dental care she sought the services of a dental clinic at a local Omaha dental college. There a first year dental student, during a regular dental examination, diagnosed squamous cell carcinoma and referred her to an oral surgeon. The parties contested the doubling rate of the cancer and the likelihood of a different outcome even with earlier appropriate diagnosis and treatment. After the suit was filed, settlement was obtained in the amount of $250,000.00 


An elderly, low income male presented at a reduced cost local dental clinic with extremely poor dental hygiene. The Plaintiff and treating dentist discussed viable treatment options but the Plaintiff specifically instructed the dentist not to pull all of his teeth. Despite the limited authority, the dentist proceeded to extract all of the Plaintiff's teeth. Asserting a number of claims, including battery, the parties agreed to a settlement of $15,000.00 for the Plaintiff.


Plaintiff was at dinner at a local Omaha restaurant. After completing a trip to the salad bar, Plaintiff cracked a tooth on a screw found in the lettuce. Prior to the incident, Plaintiff had perfect dentition. Plaintiff incurred minimal dental bills in the connection with the incident and the parties settles for $10,000.00.